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Economic Updates and Outlooks

Special Bulletin Regarding the Stock Market

- Jan 01, 2019

While the Christmas holidays may provide us with many reasons for celebration, the precipitous volatility and decline of the stock market indexes is certainly not one of them. A typical 60/40 portfolio was down nearly 10% for the year as of Christmas, with much of that decrease occurring in December alone.  So please be forewarned that unless…

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August Economic Update

- Oct 02, 2017

The economy, unlike our political situation, keeps on chugging along, growing at an annual 2% clip.  Unemployment at 4.3% is at a 16 year low.  The positive stream of earning reports and economic news continues to support the stock market. The 2nd quarter saw US stocks rise by 3% and 8.9% YTD.  International stocks did…

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