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Why My Wife and I Decided to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

- May 18, 2019

By Barry Jamieson I found out that my wife and I were approved for long-term care insurance coverage – hurrah!   We sailed past arduous medical interviews and a memory test and apparently passed with flying colors!  We have thus officially prepared for embarking on our–hopefully– long and happy journey through our golden years.  Why would I be so…

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Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement

- Jun 10, 2015

Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement For those who are thinking about retirement, it is important to consider the impact that future health care costs will have on your budget. Although Medicare, the federal health insurance program for the elderly and disabled, will pick up most retirees’ medical costs once they turn age 65, the out-of-pocket…

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Caring for Our Parents

- Feb 23, 2012

Caring for Our Parents By Alissa Henry More than 42 million Americans provide family caregiving for an adult who needs help with daily activities. An additional 61.6 million provide at least some care during the year. Are you prepared to take care of your parents? Lori Wengerd, owner of Home Care Assistance Columbus, says that…

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