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How ABLE Accounts and SNTs Can Work Together

- Feb 12, 2018

By Barry Jamieson In presentations I have recently given to special needs families about Special Needs Trusts (SNTS) it is apparent that there is still confusion about when to establish an SNT and when to start an ABLE account. Specifically people want to know: “Should I set up an SNT or an ABLE account?” The…

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“Smile” How the Tax Overhaul Bill Affects Dentists

- Feb 07, 2018

By Christina Povenmire, CFP ®and Barry Jamieson,CFP® Source: William Vasil, CPA, Ary Roepcke Mulchaey, P.C. and ADA News bulletin The recently passed tax bill contains a number of provisions which will help dentists and small businesses save tax dollars. Each of these provisions outlined below are effective for 2018. “ Improving Section 179 Deductions. The…

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How the Tax Overhaul Bill Affects People with Disabilities

- Jan 17, 2018

By Barry Jamieson.   The tax overhaul bill passed at the end of 2017 ushered in major changes for all taxpayers including people with disabilities.  Here are a few of the major changes that could impact individuals with disabilities depending on their tax situation. Standard Deduction Increase to $12K. Starting in 2018 the new threshold…

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Contributions from a Special Needs Trust to an ABLE Account

- Dec 24, 2017

Special Needs Trusts (SNTs) have their advantages and disadvantages to consider in the estate planning process. The recent CMS directive regarding ABLE contributions highlights how the two planning vehicles can work together for the benefit of the individual with disabilities and their families.   Before going into the details of the CMS directive, let’s first review…

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Financial Plans Help Dentists Reduce Stress

- Nov 14, 2017

According to our survey of Ohio-based dental practitioners, dentists are stressed about their finances. Consider that of the 42 Ohio-area dentists we surveyed: 47% of dentists working with a financial planner cited being stressed about growing their practice compared to 70% of those who didn’t utilize financial professionals. 38% of dentists who worked with a…

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Equifax Security Breach

- Nov 14, 2017

  by Barry Jamieson, CFP®   Some of you have expressed concern about the Equifax hacking and have asked what precautions should be made in light of this latest security breach.  With this latest breach it should be clear that breaches of this magnitude will continue to be regular occurrences well into the future. While personal security…

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Quarterly Market/Economic Overview for the 3nd Quarter, 2017

- Oct 16, 2017

Stocks and politics here and globally seem to be running in parallel realities. In the political sphere, news of some crisis or political impasse, either in the US or around the world, grab our attention almost daily. The inability of governments to successfully address many of these events or issues would seemingly have a negative…

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